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Real Estate issues arise in many different situations and forms.  Whether you are buying or selling a home or whether you are a co-owner of a property and are seeking a partition, we can help you with your different legal needs.

Our office is a Fee Attorney for Texas Title.  As Fee Attorneys we are able to provide complete closing services in 44 counties throughout Texas, including Tarrant and Dallas county.  Whether you have a residential or commercial transaction that you are working on, our office can assist you with it.  Give us a call today to discuss the different ways that we can assist you in buying or selling your next property.

In addition to providing closing services, our firm can also assist you in preparing and reviewing real estate related documents, including, but not limited too:

·       Deeds

·       Loan documents, such as Promissory Notes and Deed of Trusts

·       Contracts for Deeds

·       Release of Liens

·       Residential and Commercial lease agreements

·       Easements and Boundary Line Agreements

·       Real estate contracts


Real Estate Transactions


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Representation in Other Matters

In addition to having the ability to prepare different types of documents, our firm can also represent you in different types of matters, including:

·       Foreclosure

·       Independent contractor issues, such as mechanic's liens

·       Partition suits for co-owners

·       Contractor agreements

·       Property disputes

If you find that you need a real estate attorney to assist you with your legal matter give us a call and speak with an attorney that can answer your questions.

Documentation for Residential & Commercial Matters


Title Insurance

There are two types of title insurance policies.  The owner’s title policy protects the buyer’s interest in the property. It protects the buyer from defects and liens that exist prior to their ownership of the property.  The mortgagee title policy protects the mortgage lender for the amount of the loan they give on the property. This policy insures that your lender has a valid, enforceable lien on your property.

Unlike home or auto insurance, title insurance is a one-time cost that is paid at the time you purchase your home. The cost of an owner’s title policy varies as it depends on the sale value of the property when you purchase it.  Additionally, it is important to know that the coverage continues for as long as you or your heirs own the property or for as long as you are liable for any title warranties you made when you sold the property. The cost of the mortgagee’s title policy depends on the amount of your loan and on whether it was purchased at the same time as your owner’s title policy.  The mortgagee policy is effective for the duration of your loan and lenders will require you to buy a new mortgagee title policy if you refinance your home.

Our office can assist you with the purchase of title insurance when you purchase your home. Because we are a fee attorney office for Texas Title, we have attorneys on hand to help clear up any title defects or other title related issues that arise in a sale transaction.  


What is a Fee Attorney?

A Fee Attorney refers to an attorney who has entered into a contractual relationship with a title insurance company, or an agent of a title insurance company, to close real estate transactions on its behalf in exchange for a portion of the title premium.  

As a fee attorney office for Texas Title we can assist you in closing transactions in 44 counties located throughout Texas.  Additionally, because we are attorneys who are directly involved in the operation of our office, we are available to answer legal questions associated with title issues arising from your particular transaction.  We are also available to assist you in drafting documents needed to cure title defects and documents needed to close.